Windsor Terrace

Windsor Terrace was originally part of Flatbush and was a railroad hub with hotels for visitors to Prospect Park, Greenwood Cemetery, and the train to Coney Island.  

Windsor Terrace originally stretched from Terrace Place (then Terrace Alley) to Church Avenue, which was then called 'Church Lane' and was the major road heading East.  It has very eccentric housing since the area was never upscale or landmarked, with both one-of-a-kind unattached woodframe houses, brownstones and limestone townhouses, and later brick rowhouses from the 20's and 30's.  There are shops along Prospect Park West at 'top', and Greenwood Ave and Ft. Hamilton Parkway at the Southern border with Kensington.   Windsor Terrace is along the F/G at 15th Street/Prospect Park and Ft. Hamilton Parkway. 


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F and G trains at Ft. Hamilton Parkway and 15th Street Station, b68 and b70 buses. 


Restaurants & Bars

Along Prospect Park West are Terrace Bagels, Double Windsor, Dub Pies, Farrell's, East Wind Snack Shop, mixing old school and new.


Prospect Park, Pavillion Theater (undergoing renovations), Wednesday Farmer's Market, Prospect Park Bandshell